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More synthetic agent, do we also up agent manager disk space & spec?



When adding 1 more synthetic agent, do we need to improve agent manager disk space & spec?

Additional info: compare to initial setup, 15 transaction was added to license.

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Yee Heng


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Dynatrace Participant


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Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

On the Agent manager configuration you can limit the space that is going to consume on disk for the image dumps, netwroks traces and health (if they are activated), this three elements mitigate the most important risk. Put always a limit in this files to avoid that grow indefinitvely.

The other is the space on the database and on the ZData that this agent will generate. If you have followed the recommended disk space for both that we got on the installation you will not have any problem on adding a new agent.

Yes, we followed recommended.

Thanks for answering, will check the agent manager config