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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Moving Report Sections Efficiently and Effectively


I am creating a report that has several sections (charts and tables) for each workday of the week.

has become increasingly difficult to move a section from on area to
another. As the number of
sections increases it is near impossible to move a section from the top
of the port to near the bottom in one drag and drop: the scrolling
hangs; the section is no longer selected; or it asks to swap when it
shouldn't be swapped.

  • Is there an efficient and effective way to copy a section and move to the correct area of the report?
  • Are there a Best Practices for accomplishing this?
  • Is there a particular browser that is easier to use to accomplish this?
  • Is there a way to not have them swap?

Thanks in advance for your help.

God bless,



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


You can export the dmi and open the .xml file.

Here you can see all sections, with the position :

the first Row is : yPos=0

the first column is : xPos = 0

You can change the position of the section into the xml file.


After : these both sections have been inversed.

Reimport the xml file and refresh your browser.

Hints : use Notepad++ and collapse all with "Alt 0"



@Jean-Louis Lormeau,

Thank you. Seems a bit complex that one has to go through an export and import in order to move the sections of a report. I would have thought there would be a simpler solution within the DCRUM itself.

Thanks and God bless,



This trick is very handy. Thanks for sharing it.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


More as troubleshooting than a resolution:

  1. What browser and OS do you use / have already tried?
  2. How many sections do you have?
  3. Can you share XML export of this report?

@Adam Piotrowicz,

1) I am using Firefox 41.0.1. I have tried IE 11x.

2) There will be probably 90 sections: 18 sections x 5 days.

3) I could. I'm only working on one day's worth of sections, trying to perfect them before I go replicate them for the other 4 days. The reason for my having this many sections is for the report I am trying to generate for one of our clients, which needs to be an offline report.

Thanks and God bless,