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Multi-Tenant Support in Cluster Report Servers for 12.4.11

I would like to verify version 12.4 is able to support true multi-tenant. It does not require 1 CAS per tenant ? I could setup a cluster of CAS and support multiple tenant with AMD deploy in each tenant DC / CR.

extract from DCRUM 12.4 doc -> Report server clusters ->


Enables you to define the DC RUM system (AMDs, RUM Console, and CAS and ADS report servers) to be used to monitor several separate networks (tenants)



One CAS cluster is actually a single, atomic reporting instance. I mean, you should think about it a one big CAS. That means there can't be different data sources per cluster node and you should not access nodes other than they primary server.

I understood your point but would the primary CAS allow to define which data source (AMD) belong to which tenant (I believe can as I do remember i saw it in the doc)and most importantly able handle IPs within each tenants as they might be cases where both tenants are using the same IP addressing.

However, I can't find anything that control how each tenant will access to their own data only in cluster.


Hello Chuan,

By default, the CAS processes data from all tenants configured on the AMDs assigned to it, but you can configure it to process data from only a selection of the tenants configured on those AMDs. If the edited cluster should process the same selection of the tenants as defined for the primary cluster, select this synchronization option.



Ok, thanks. will test it out.