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Multiple CAS connect to one Synthetic Agent Manager

Hi there,

I have a use case to have a Single Shared Enterprise Synthetic Agent Manager supporting multiple customer central analysis servers. The idea is to have it as a centralized agent management for multiple customers with dedicated agent(s) in each customer sites. However, understand from CAS configuration perspective is just adding that Enterprise Synthetic Agent Manager as a data source. this means CAS would have pull in all data which the agent manager managed. Hence, question is there a way for us to pick and choose which agents to be send over the CAS. i.e agents X,Y belong customer A so CAS A will only pull agents X,Y synthetic data.

Base on doc , I would assume that customer A CAS would pull all the agent data manage by the agent manager but from report/dashboard/alert we will configured to show customer synthetic agent data only and trigger alert only to the designated customer

Anyone have setup such scenario before ?




Hi, Chuan. You are correct that each customer's CAS would pull all the agents' data managed by the Agent Manager. Thanks!