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NAM DMI rest api metric value



we need to know via the DMI Public REST API the values of the metrics: performance and availability of an application. I've tried something like this:


but shows the name of the metrics, but not the value.

Can someone help us?

Thanks in advance.

Jose A


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Jose,

The API method that you actually want to use is the /rest/dmiquery/getDMIData3 method, which allows you to provide a POST payload body with parameters similar to a DMI query (method reference is at

Some basic examples on how to set up the REST query are at Since the REST queries need to include the internal dimension/metric IDs, I suggest using the "Export section data" option when viewing a DMI report - which outputs all the critical identifying information (appId, viewId, dimensionIds and metricIds:

 # Application: NAM Server
# Application Id: CVENT
# Data View: Software service, operation, and site data
# Data View Id: ClientView
# Filters: none
# 6/18/2019 00:00 - 6/18/2019 19:59
# Software service,Application performance (%),Availability (total) (%),
# Column Ids: bgAppl,appl,appPerf,Avb,

A sample request payload with Application, Software service, Application performance (%) and Availability (total) (%) for the last 1 hour is:

  "appId": "CVENT",
  "viewId": "ClientView",
  "dataSourceId": "ALL_AGGR",
  "dimensionIds": [
  "metricIds": [
  "dimFilters": [  ],
  "metricFilters": [],
  "sort": [],
  "top": 1000,
  "resolution": "r",
  "timePeriod": "1H",
  "numberOfPeriods": 0,

You need to supply the Content-Type: application/json header, and also supply a valid Authorization header (API token is recommended). There's also an in-built REST client in the Admin console of the NAM Server (if you don't have an alternate REST client available).



Also recommend @Brett Barrett 's RESTful interface - very handy for generating the right REST payload that's easier than manually trying to work out the JSON yourself!