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NAM "Application health status" report has "Total Unique Users" broken link


Hello Gents!

We have problem with NAM "Application health status" report has "Total Unique Users" broken link. It is not active and does not lead to users report.

Can one suggest how to recrete standard "Application health status" report or export it for us and post it here. Probably we broke it some time ago ...

NAM server version is

NAM probe version is (high speed)

Thanks and regards.



There is a chance something has changed in the underlying DMI mechanism that affected AHS. Since AHS is no longer supported starting NAM 2018 (and will not work in NAM 2019) we did not test that.

However, there is a way to fix that. You need to edit the section and go to drill down links, and select Summary Business Impact from the list. I noticed that the visibility conditions do not work as before, so the easiest way is to change Visibility to Yes. Please note that in this case (and many other in AHS) only the first link will be active.

Thank You Sebastian. We will try today and let you know results.

Hi, Sebastian!

Thank you for answering our question. I have successfully edited the report and can acknowledge that BOTH links are now clickable and working as intended.

Actually Alexander imported this report from 2017 version of DC RUM.