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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

[NAM2018] Do we need to reinstall CAS server if we have DLM licenses?


Hello, we just migrate a CAS v2017 in DLM license to a NAM server v2018, and i'm asking if we have to reinstall the NAM server in eServices licensing. Because we have an issue with the activate license, you can take a look in attachment.

Best Regard and thank in advance.




You can't use DLM licences in NAM 2018.


1. Generate new eServices licences.

2. Upgrade Console to 2018.

3. Upgrade CAS v2017 to NAM v2018

4. Upload licenses using Console.


In the attachment, it's says "all license (include DLM??) will be handle by eService"
so why our license didn't work with NAM 2018 ?

I generate a licenses on eService with the activated key from our licenses by the way 🙂

Best regard, Killian,

Hi Killian,

All former DLM licenses (=component based licensing model) are now generated in eServices format and DLM is no longer used to manage product licenses, but eServices activation module in NAM Console (2018).

Your problem seems to be caused by a mismatch between the license activation key and the activated eservices key file you received from our License Management service (or eServices platform if you used that in self-service mode). I suggest you open a ticket with License Management (of follow-up on existing one where you got this activated license key form) and request them to verify the activation key.