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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

NetFlow - Selecting a WAN interface


Hi community,

Looking to understand what the importance of defining a WAN interface, RTT template value, and RTT measurement type on a Netflow feed is?

I want to know the knock-on effects. I've defined it on one router, to test, but would like to understand what that is doing behind the scenes?



Hi Matt,

They're there in order to enable support for some extended metrics for v9 FNF and IPFIX. Our NetFlow collector doesn't support dynamic template discovery and will assume all templates being exchanged are default (talking for v9 and IPFIX, v5 doesn't use the concept of templates) and subsequently the flow sets are converted to zdata according to that mapping. This allows the flow collector to receive the associated extended metrics (assuming they are set and able to be configured and collected at the source device) to recognise the incoming template id and be converted to teh appropriate fields in the CAS. In your exmaple it woudl appar that this is a v5 based NetFlow source and so I'd expect it to have no effect.

Best Regards