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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Network Performance Thresholds


Hi Everyone,

Is there any way to apply application specific network performance thresholds? The thresholds set in atscon -> advanced properties seem to be global and I would like to be able to set thresholds for one application without affecting the others.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hey Aaron I'm not sure about application specific settings but I know that you should be able to edit those values per each software service which makes up the applications. 

Hey Kyle,

Thanks for the reply. The thresholds I was referring to were for the actual "Network Performance" metric in the CAS. I know you can globally set them in atscon -> advanced properties but I don't believe you can set that specific one in the software service configuration. 


Good question Aaron!

Network Performance is a calculated value based on RTT, Packet Loss and Realized Bandwidth.

Check page 212 in the DC RUM Admin guide or Appendix D in the CAS User Guide.

Now that was the easy part (smile) In reality you will need some tweaking and then sit back and assess the result as the outcome varies greatly from network to network as there are other things like QoS and the type of other traffic that will impact the effect.

If you want to have more fun you can head over to the "Fault Domain Isolation" tab in on each Software Service in 12.3 - there is also some tweaking you can do but that will only affect the FDI icon in the AHS which is a nice addition to the CAS in this release.


Hi Ulf,

Thanks for the great reply! It seems that these settings are global (affecting all applications). Is there any way in 12.2 to change these settings for a specific application? Here is the situation: I have an application that is mainly used in Latin America where network performance is generally on the low side. I'd like to tweak the network performance thresholds for this specific application to more align with the typical network conditions in that area. I'd like to do this without affecting the thresholds for my other applications.



Hi Aaron,

If you are using the Application Health Status page as your starting point, you can create a copy of the AHS Page and filter for only the Latin America app.

Then you can edit/lower the Network Performance threshold for that specific AHS Page.

Please let us know if this helps.




OK - I actually found an even better description for your question.

In the RUM console, you can define pretty much any kind of alert against almost any metric and if you check page 67 (speaking 12.3) of the "Data Center Real User Monitoring Alert System Administration Guide" (there's a mouthful (smile)) or click here Alert Definition Example: Network Performance for Site then you have a step by step on how to do this, albeit for a site, but you can change the dimension so it applies to an Application or a Software Service if you want.

But as I said - don't jump for joy right away.  You need to run it a while so that you understand in what context it works. So only put yopurself as alert destination until you worked out the reasonable values to use (thumbs up)

Was wondering if you were available? I have an instance where it is showing 0% network health for a site, but I can't explain it.