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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Network Performance and Citrix Monitoring

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi All,

What is the recommanded Performance Threshold configuration for a good calculation of the Network Perfomance metric in Citrix environment ?

I need to know if there are any best practice for these parameters in Xenapp Citrix monitoring :




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

The best approach would be to start with the Citrix Landing Page (CLP) reports for ICA software services (Reports>EUE Overview>Tiers>Citrix/WTS). Don't look at Software Services, Operations and alike reports for Citrix ICA, as thresholds on these reports are not in line with Citrix requirements.Citirx Landing Page uses Realized Bandwidth in addition to Network Performance to characterize Citrix traffic quality. In fact the Realized Bandwidth is the KPI, while Network Performance helps to understand whether low Realized Bandwidth values can be attributed to the network quality to is it rather because of server overload if network is fine.

Start with CLP and modify it the way so it would look best for the customer. Then share the result with us(smile)

RBW best practice values according to Citrix are >28kbps, real users' practice (also commonly visible on Citrix forums) is it should be >128kbp, which is reflected in threshold setting on the CLP reports. RTT best practice is <100 ms, retransmissions is "as low as possible". But those we have included in the Network Performance metric and changing it should not be required.



I'll post this over at ER's as well but what Chris is pointing to is very important

Often I find customers looking at Citrix as any other application and that only causes confusion since there are many things in our general transaction oriented report fauna that doesn't apply when it comes to Citrix, such as response time and operations

What I would like is a menu choice in the CAS (like we have "Synthetic Overview" today) that take customers directly to the CLP As it is now, they often get there by accident rather than by intention