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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Network Tiers-related metrics not showing same result in different CASes

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi guys,

My customer is conducting an UAT on their new CAS, and to ensure data consistency we fed the new CAS one of the software services in old CAS. However I noticed the following discrepancy:

<< New CAS ______________________ >> Old CAS

Basically apart from the metric Performance & Unique and affected users (network) and Performance in Network Tiers section, the rest are exactly the same:

- The total number of Unique and affected users (network) for both CASes is the same, but ratio between fast/slow users are different (54:46 and 60:40 - Network) (100:0 and 63:37 - Client network).

- The Performance is different for both CASes. Old CAS is reporting 70.6% and 77.6% for Client Network and Network respectively, while new CAS is reporting 76.8% for Network and nothing for Client Network.

- I am under the impression that the configuration should be the same since thresholds are defined on Software Service level or AMD global configuration. Is there any reason to what caused this?


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor


First of all, please tell us what are the versions of those CAS machines.
I suppose one of them is 12.3.5, but I would like to make sure + I would like to know what is the other one.
Another part of the story, is to clarify what is behind the warning signs on those CAS reports (one has a yellow triangle, the other one is with the red octagon) - please notify us about the messages that are shown when you hover the mouse over those signs.

Adam Tryba

Hi Adam!

Thanks for the response! Both CAS are

The yellow triangle is "BULK INSERT failures data saving algorithm is switched to PREPARED INSERT", we are communicating with the server team to allow remote folder access. On the other hand, the read octagon is "Threshold exceeded for ADS 2M operations." I've already notified the customer that their ADS is severely overloaded and we are in progress of obtaining a new ADS next year.


Hi Chris

Please attach screenshot from


from both CAS installations.

Adam Tryba

Hi Adam,

Here you go:

Ok, based on information from above, please create support ticket for this, with exportconfig from both CAS machines.

Thanks Adam.

Just in case:

Ok, noted.