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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

OLE_FLUSH_CALL in SAP Analysis with ADS


We are doing SAP GUI Analysis with DC RUM. When looking at the data in the ADS the customer (Solution manager user) don't understand the displayed sequence.

We are seeing something like this behaviour:

One or more Components like "OLE_FLUSH_CALL" at the beginning and at the end one TCode like component.

can anybody explain these behaviour? I'm not a SAP expert here, so I thought about it like OLE_FLUSH_CALL is something like sending data to the server for a SAP transaction and the last component is only the screen update for the SAP GUI Client.



Hi Friedrike.

Interesting find you have there. If you Google SAP and OLE_FLUSH_CALL you end up wit a lot of posts around performance 🙂
Apparently it causes problems under some circumstances (still not sure what it does but it sounds like some sort of commit) but I also found a quote tat might be interesting:

"Ideally, there should only be one OLE_FLUSH_CALL per user interaction step. If
its more, the application is not written in an optimized way."

That would indicate that the executing code you have there could improve some as you have several execution of that command.