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Observing traffic for public IP of netscaler, which IP should be there under SPAN for Netscaler traffic monitoring using DC RUM


I have put Netscaler IP's under SPAN:

1) Able to see traffic for one of the nonpublic IP's in wireshark but not in DC RUM

2) Able to see data for public IP of netscaler on DC RUM

My question is for what all IP's should I be able to see data on DC RUM. Should it only be for public IP of netscaler or another.


Rohit Sharma


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello @Rohit S.

You will have to use the Private IP address of the NetScaler.



Hi Babar, Thanks for the response. I am already using the private IP of the netscalers but not able to view any data for them in dc rum although I can see the private IP's in wireshark for tcpdump in amd

also i need to correct that the public IP I am mentioning here is the virtual IP for the netscaler

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

There is no magic involved here: if packet capture taken on AMD shows clean, complete traffic - AMD would monitor it too. The reasons why it doesn't may include filtering (is AMD configured to monitor server ranges that are involved with the private NS IP? Do you monitor user-defined software services only and if so - do the servers that the NS contact are configured for monitoring?) or unclean traffic (dose the packet trace contain bidirectional traffic to-form the NS private IP?).