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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Operation Length



Is there a parameter to change the default viewing length of the Operation metric. I need to generate a report that displscreenshot-1.docxays the entire Operation, not a truncated version. See attached screen shot.

Thanks and God bless,




you should to go to 'Edit section' (under gear icon at the report) than to 'Result Display' tab. In a row with 'Operation', click at 'Default' in 'Custom attributes' column and there change 'Maximum length' value to more appropriate one.



Basia, I didn't know we could do this. Awesome, thanks!

It's relatively new, you can also regex the results so you can modify the output without affecting the source data. For example, I'd use this to remove server names to only show the path of the URL.

Chris, I tried to do this yesterday and faced an issue:

Say I had http://place/operation, http://place/operation2, etc. Then, I also had http://servername. What I wanted to do was regex "http://.*?/(.*?)" but then also OR that for the servernames. If I just keep the above regex, All Other Operations and things not matching the pattern are blank or say null. I tried to follow a regex syntax for ORs and it didn't seem to work (?(?=regex)then|else). Do you know, does DC RUM support any OR regexes for a case like this?

@Barbara D.

That is great! I did not know that could be done.

Thanks and God bless,