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Operation Time (reg/max/min) ?????


Why is the Operation time different from the Min operation time or Max operation time? If the Operation begin time is down to the millisecond, how can there be a min and max for a single operation?

Thanks and God bless,


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hello Genesius,

Your monitored operation appeared multiple times during one interval, Min operation time is your quickest one and Max operation time is your slowest. Operation time is the average for all seen operations. Please add Operations metric to your report to see number of operations seen during interval.

Kind regards,


@Dariusz K.

Added the Operations metric to the end of the report.
Interval is set for one minute. Are Interval and Resolution the same thing?

Even though the report lists this time , (768 ms)

this operation "http://...dol_w2" was run twice?

between the same server and client?

In my report I have another operation that ran 5 times during a different interval. Why the ms in the Operation begin time? Does this mean that the first of those 5 started at that time?

Thanks and God bless,

Interval is a regular period used by AMD to create sample files, if set to for example one minute - it means that AMD will analyse one minute traffic, save it to a data file and send it to CAS for processing.

Resolution is a time frame you would like to see data on report. The most detailed resolution is one interval and the least detailed is 1 day.

I am not sure how your report is build but yes - if you can see 2 operations count for the same pair of server and client it means that operation ran twice and average execution time was 768 milliseconds.

If there's a 5 operations count on the other report - it means that there were 5 of them in given resolution. I am not sure what you mean by "Operation begin time"..

@Dariusz K.

Apologies for the long delay in getting back to you. I created a new report to further explain. All rows are from the same single 5-minute interval. And the report has been filtered on a single Operation "sadmin@OITPENSP Redirect".

Looking at the first row we see this operation ran 12 times during the 5-minute interval. The Operation begin time shows "06:30:00.543".

1) Does this mean that the first operation began at 06:30:00.543?

I edited the above report, adding the client and server IP addresses. Note: There is only 1 client in this report (172...153).

The first row of the previous screenshot comprise the first 3 rows in the second screen shot.

2) Why is the Operation begin time the same for these first 3 rows: "06:30:00.543"?

There are only 3 servers in this report (10...18, 10...19, and 10...20).

3) Why are the last 3 rows of the report shown individually instead combined (1st with 4th row; and 3rd with 5th and 6th rows)?

Let me know if you needed further explanation of what I mean.

Thanks and God bless,