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Operation attribute from Response Body

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


I would like to extract a parameter from the response body, assign it to one operation attribute and use it to detect availability (failures(application)).

I can extract the value using a Miscellaneous Parameter, but seems that is not able to do the same with operation attributes.

As in the documentation Miscellaneous Parameters are the only ones that have explicit mention about capturing response body, I'm wondering if operation attributes can't capture it.

Can you confirm if is possible to capture response body with operation attributes?

If it is not possible, is some way to use a miscellaneous parameter as availability/failure(application) filter?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Rodrigo

Yes you can but you need to use a different type of search. For response body you can only search using Text phrase search, text search or the XML attribute/body/sibling element search.

If you need to regex to find what you need first add a rule for text search and then regex it. Like this

Keep in mind a couple of things

By default

  1. Response Body is only searched it the return code is < 300 as in any 2xx
  2. It will only search the first 4096 bytes and increasing this could have a huge impact on AMD memory.



A small comment: in the service packs for 12.4 and 2017 May release there will be a new global option of the HTTP decode called "acceptErrorCodeContentType" which will enable to analyze response body also in the 4xx and 5xx http error codes.

Hi Sebastian, do you know in which service pack this option will be available ? Or was it already implemented ?