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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Operation time vs. dialog response time for SAP

I received a question from a customer where he says that DCRUM operation time is showing as 2.0 seconds on average, but as per SAP his dialog response time is around 1.5 seconds.

Is our operation time a total of all the operations and not only dialog response time?
I hope the question makes sense.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Both SAP GUI and SAP WebGUI decodes
analyze user’s operation flow in details, on the level of individual operation
turns as visible on the network between client and server. This level of depth
reveals why operations are perceived as slow by the end uses – including

time spent on server time spent in data
transfer over the network and time spent on SAP client GUI processing

WebGUI operations, DC RUM analyzes operation load sequence down to the
individual hit level.

GUI operations, DC RUM analyzes operation load down to individual SAP RFC turns
that comprise T-Code screen execution.

I hope it helps you.




Hi @Andre Van der Veen

I Think you might be comparing apples & pears.

Dialog response time seems to be something else than what we usually talk about:

They talk of other response times too:

As you can see, their talk of less than 1 seconds probably refers to something else. I believe this is on a machine level where this monitor sits and for any kind of dialog response - a bit like "first byte". DC RUM will tell you something else initially (more user focus as you know :-)) but given the point of data capture, the DC RUM can probably present a similar number - probably something like "Server Time".


The right way to measure and monitor SAP dialog response time is to use the tool that Syslink Xandria offer which complements the data you get from Dynatrace DCRUM