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Operations count is zero for user activity


Hello Team,

Please help me out on below.

We are having one application (https) which uses reverse proxy at the front.

There are two networks basically (Network 1 & Network 2). Mirroring is done for Network 1 only.

All application loadbalancers & servers sits in Network 1 & production reverse proxy is in Network 2.

Application architecture is like this,

End Users <--> Prod RP <--> Loadbalancer <--> Application front end servers.

DCRUM off-course does not report the operation in this scenario because mirroring is done at Network 1 side & Prod RP located in Network 2.

There is plan to move Prod RP to Network 1 from 2 but Application team needs to test if such movement really help to resolve the problem.

Hence to test it, following things were done,

1.Host file entry for UAT RP which in Network 1 on individual end users machine. (This will point all end users to UAT RP)

2.These end users performed some operations on application (https) from their machines.

3.User are getting reported in DCRUM but operations were zero.
I'm not sure if this is appropriate way to test it & how SSL handshaking will work in this case.

Kindly share if anyone have some useful thoughts on this.