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Oracle Forms - Services Missing?


Hey team,

I've defined a Software Service for Oracle Forms over HTTP and I'm not sure I'm seeing all of the data I should be. For this OF instance, a user logs into the Oracle ebiz suite, selects a form (which causes a jnlp (or similar)) to download and run. It seems we're getting data from inside the java client but we don't have context to which form the user clicked on in ebiz. Should that be the service level? Any ideas why I'm not seeing the form names?

All screenshots are taken from Explore -> Software Services -> Operation Explorer, changing the tabs.

Thanks for your help!



OF is a dog to tame :-).

Quite often, developers like to "extend" OF with different libraries that can be molded into the OF setup. I had a setup of an Insurance applications where we could see all the operations, tasks and modules fine, but we couldn't pick up the user ID even though it was visible in plain reading in a trace file. This was for some function the developers had deemed necessary and the had added a JAVA library that the OF decode couldn't detect, since it wasn't OF anymore.

I suggest open a ticket and eventually you will get Maria on the other end. She knows her stuff - she is an X OF developer and wrote the new decode.

Hey Ulf,

Thanks for your comment. I wasn't sure if it was simply me missing a configuration or something. I'll open a case and hopefully speak with her about this.

Hi Brett,

Did you received any help from support on this? Actually we are facing same issue with OF in our environment.