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Oracle forms modules not available in CAS after 24 hours

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi team,

My customer doesn't see Oracle Forms modules in the CAS after 24 hours for a specific IP. In more details, we created a report yesterday showing the Oracle Form activity of one particular user IP. We have the list of modules, with a Network Test module (very interesting for the customer as they experienced Network issues with Oracle clients).

Today, the calls to the Network Test module have disapeared from the report, showing only the user activity on the 'All other' module.

Is there a reason for that?

The ADS still have the detailed calls but the module dimension is not available (which is logical).





Oracle forms can be a bit challenging to configure properly as there are a lot of alternatives as well as customized applications based on OF.

Have you looked at the last section in the configuration guide?

It's crucial you get this right or your monitoring can go any way - too much data or to little.


Hi Nicolas,

What are your URL auto-learning settings on that CAS? Are the modules being used constantly or is there a gap in between longer than the URL lifetime?

I have experienced the same with SAP monitoring and extended the lifetime to match the time between expected user activity.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Thanks for this document. I haven't seen any parameter that could impact the data retention on the CAS for Oracle Forms.

We were happy with the reported information, it's just that it disappeared from the CAS after some time. Fortunately, we exported the reports yesterday, so still have some values. However, we wanted to add metrics on those reports this morning and the data is gone.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Anton,

That's a really good guess! DCRUM may forget Oracle Forms after some time if not defined in the Oracle Form monitoring tab (replacing URL monitoring for the HTTP decode). It may be an explanation as nothing is defined in there so DCRUM would eventually forget those over time.



This is something I tried with the SAP operations as well, since we are interested in few particular operations on a single system. But even after including the operations on the SAP operations under the Software Service had the operation data removed over the weekend (where that inactivity period occurs.)

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

My decode is broken, not reporting any operations... I reverted the change but still the same. No more operations and we need the monitoring in place for tomorrow morning 😞


I don't think it breaks after running 1 day - unless you or someone else have done something else somewhere.

If you check the ZDATA files on the AMD, what do they tell?.


It's back! We bounced the AMD and after half an hour it caught up on decoding. My changes to the software service broke the decode somehow and a ndstop/ndstart was required to reset the decode once I have rolled back my changes.

The changes I made to the software service were:

- interpret more errors in the Availability tab (all enabled)

- the forms session identifier on the global setting instead of nothing in the field

- Use EBS business module names

- Defined some form in the OF monitoring tab

I will redefine the form in the OF monitoring tab and dont touch the other settings.


Nice - some of the setting in the OF decode require you to cycle the AMD.

Please notice that you can get A LOT of data unless you do the RegEx correctly since OF is quite chatty.

It's probably what happened, my defined forms probably broke it

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Answer from Alasdair Patton:

Distinct operations, doesnt matter which decode is used, will not be kept by the CAS if not manually defined. It applies for URLs but also for Oracle forms. It means you have to manually define the operations in URL Monitoring tab for HTTP software services and in the Oracle Form monitoring tab for Oracle Forms software services.

Community Team
Community Team

Talking about Oracle Forms: I encourage you to take part in the following early access program: Consolidated Oracle Applications and Oracle Forms Performance Dashboard

This way, you can test the new DC RUM capability before it's generally available.

Best regards!


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