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PLM - Alerts - CAS


I'm excited that we are now able to see the PLM data within our CAS environment but I don't see an option to setup any alerts with this data. Is this option not available?



I believe alerting for PLM is slated for 12.4 From what I have heard. As we are also interested in having alerting capability with DC RUM PLM data.

Alerts for LM and PLM are supported since 12.4 release that's just around the corner. All alerts based on APMaaS (Gomez) are available under "Synthetic Monitoring". There is a "test type" dimension available to distinguish between BB, LM, and PLM.

Hi @Sebastian Kruk,

what could be a workaround to set alerts for PLM in 12.3?

Thanks in advance, Raffaele

I'm afraid there are no workarounds. In 12.3.1 we only enabled LM/PLM data processing, and focused on the full support in 12.4.

Thanks Sebastian!