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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Packaged application (Siebel) setup causing a high server cache which in the end




I was using the packaged application setup to monitor Siebel application in a customer. During the training we encountered a few instances where the server cache exceeded the threshold. We increased the number to 500,000 in the end.


After a few weeks end-users were complaining that it is slow to use DCRUM. The server cache was 280,000 and thus the CAS is really slow. Is there any ways to reduce the number of server cache without decreasing the visibility for the customer? I see that since we're using packaged application, the url monitoring used some kind of a wild card with a lot of parameters recorded in it.


Thanks in advance.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Albert,

The Siebel packaged application contains a URL monitoring definition that matches siebel operations and the different siebel commands. Have you tried turning on URL-auto learning? This way it will limit the number of operation seen and reduce server cache.

Hi Cosmin,


Thanks for your response. Yea I did turn on the URL-auto learning however using the packaged application setup it used a wildcard in the URL monitoring which captured every single unique Siebel URLs as one operation.

I'm currently working with the support team to come out with a Regex to limit the number of operations reported. I will share it here once I have the Regex done. So we removed the URL monitoring definition generated from the packaged application in the end.