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Passing filters: how to filter using time range Today - 1 period



We have a custom dashboard which has a link to DataExplorer OOTB dashboard. We want that when we open DataExplorer watching in time range "Today - 1 period".

We're trying to do that doing the configuration in the picture below.

But extending 99 intervals the visible data timeframe is 8 hours and 15 minutes after and before the current datetime, but we are not able to see the whole data throughout the entire day.

How can we stablish the time range "Today - 1 period" when we click in the link that opens DataExplorer?

If something is not clear don´t hesitate asking me.




Hi Elena,

The answer to your question is a little bit more complex than you could expect.

One of the ways of passing custom time range over drill down I could suggest is to set the actual time range for the section you drill down from, together with resolution you expect to have in the destination report, and tell DMI to use time range from section. Here is an example / guest)

As Today time range is not an option you can choose from the list, you can tell DMI to calculate the actual time range for the moment you open the initial report:

But in your case there is one other problem: Data explorer, just like many other OOTB reports in NAM 2018, comes with smart resolution set for all the charts. Which means that the time definition passed over in drill down link will change the time range but not the actual resolution. I guess, in your case the solution would be to change time definition across Data Explorer report.

NAM 2019 will come with ability to define time range of the destination report using conditional expressions. However, this feature will automatically select the resolution based on the time range. At this moment it is not possible to define resolution in the destination report using those custom time ranges in NAM 2019.


Hi Sebastian,

I guess the screenshots are from NAM 2019 right? because I can´t find some of the options you told us.

We know the solution is changing time definition across Data Explorer report but we would like the time definition was today - 1 period when we come from the previous dashboard.



The screenshots were taken from our APM Demo setup which at the moment runs NAM 2018 SP2.

I'm afraid, currently it is not possible to "overwrite" resolution with a drill down; you would need to change the time definition in chart sections to the default (report time range and resolution).