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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Performance threshold




I'm new in the DC RUM world, and I'm facing a problem :


We have some report that show the performance by transaction for some apps, but the threshold is actually at 8s.

I need to lower it a lot and I don't know where I can setup this value (by transaction should be great).


I have found something that seems to match :


In the RUM Console :




oups, wrong manip and I can't edit the message.

I was saying :


In the RUM Console :

  • "Devices ans Connections" => manage devices
  • AMD => Open Configuration
  • Global => General
    • "Page load time / operation time threshold"


It seems to be global to all apps that are defined in this AMD. Isn't there a place where I can setup this at a transaction or app level ?

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Thresholds can be defined:

  • Globally (by AMD) as you've found
  • Per Software Service
  • Per Page (be it a web page, DB query etc.)

The last two are available from the Software Service configuration.



Thanks for the reply.


I went there in the RUM Console :

  • Software Services -> Manage Software Service
  • select the right Software Service
  • configuration tab -> actions -> edit manually
  • Opions tab
  • Modified the "Server time threshold" (left the "Page Load time shreshold" untouch)
  • Published configuration
  • restart AMD


The new value in the report (metric Max of Server time threshold) didn't changed. It's a report with a time range of 30 days.


Is this value enabled only for the new data ?

Did I modified where I shouldn't ?



The change only takes effect for new data.

Note the 'Page Load Time' is what is used to calculate the 'Application Performance %' metric  you probably want to adjust that one.

The Server Time threshold is used to calculate the fault domain (where the CAS determines if poor performance is network/server/data centre/other).



Thanks again.

I modified those values as suggested. Will see in the upcoming weeks if this is good