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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Person Hours Lost - calculation?



Looking for a deeper understanding into the capabilities of this metric. I'm trying to design a report that is based on a location, shows all the apps, all users for each app and then calculates the person hours lost per app over the week. I'm trying to make sure this is a total value. Something that I could go in front of the business and say, 'App X's slowness cost you this much this week at site Y.'


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Metric is out of the box in CAS called "Total Wait Time" in Soft. Service, Operation and Site Data view. It is product (multiplication) of number of operations and operation time. Extremely valuable metric to recognize which area to focus on first while investigation. It's one of the first things I usually show on DMI reports while POCs.

Thanks Janusz!

I will look to use this as well. I still don't understand how the Person Hours Lost is calculated though and if it is a total value like 'total wait time' or if it is an average.


Documentation states that this is "the total monitoring time during which operation time exceeded the predefined
threshold. Note that this is not a sum of whole monitoring intervals, but only
those intervals' portions during which problems occurred.". Interesting, I'd like to understand it better too.

@Janusz Dabrowski

Are you sure it's multiplications of the times?

I always saw it as the sum of time (from all users) being spent above the threshold. But I agree, it's a key KPI.