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Polling Citrix Landing Page Metrics from Rest API?


Citrix Landing Page metrics for Command delivery
time, Commands breakdown, and Session reliability hand-offs are not listed in CAS.WebServices.DMI.MetricsDimensions.122.xlsx because I don't believe they existed in that version. I'm hoping there might be an updated list of these metrics including Citrix Landing Page metrics for 12.4?

I'm attempting to send this data to Splunk via REST API. I have not used it yet, but maybe the CAS Splunk App is a better way to do this now? Does anyone have enough hands-on with is yet to advise?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Thanks Erik,

When I walk the API in 12.3 I still don't see the specific metrics presented on the Citrix Landing Page that I'm after. Admittedly it could be that I'm in the wrong view (rest/dmiquery/getMetrics?appId=CVENT&viewId=ClientView&resolution=r). I am under the impression that these metrics are NOT just aliased operation time and operations counters, but are actually unique in scope and calculation.

I don't have a 12.4 environment to examine, if someone had time and could confirm if they were in there it would give me additional reason to push for the upgrade. If they aren't available, I'll suggest an RFE.