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Possible to turn off user level details for certain sites?


Have a customer requesting the ability to aggregate certain sites to NOT collect user level details.

Example: do not collect user level details from any users from Germany, Austria, Netherlands locations

Anyone have an idea if this is even possible? Thinking a set of custom reports but was hoping there was a better way


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

On the CAS settings on the user aggreation option, you have an options that said something like track identified(second one) and there you have also track IP addresses from selected ranges. If you have not configured the user authentication, and you are following the users by IP, you just specify the IP ranges of the sites that you want to follow, the not specified will just aggregated.


Hi Mike

I think the customer is trying to follow the rather harsh laws about privacy. Someone else closer to these countries might know better but I think the point is that you don't identify the user as a person (or IP). There are lots of customers in all those countries that run both DCRUM and UEM so there has to be a way to legally collect User level details, while at the same time not identifying the user (or breaking the law). @Pieter Van H. ?

it is the same for DCRUM even we don't use cookies, it is an european Policy.

that if you read it, they are allowed in all eurepean countries.