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Pre-configuring Bulk Insert. Doable?


Hi all,

my question is about Bulk Insert configuration. The "standard" configuration is set in the Advanced Properties console..but I was wondering:

Is there a way to specify the Bulk Insert paths properties in any configuration file?

This would definitely helpful in order to automate the process of configuration.

Thank you very much in advance.

Any help will be appreciated.

Ciao, Raff


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

No, you can do it only manually either via /atscon or SQL query.

In general most of the settings are stored in DB, but some flat files still may be required to replicate/preconfigure/backup/etc the CAS. Alarms, custom XML taks, Sites and BUC defined in the file are stored only in the file, so it's recommended to copy entire /config directory.

If you want to pre-configure CAS or make a configuration template you could configure it manually, then purge the data and backup DB+/config directory. Such tempalte could be used in any other place/CAS if the "pre-configuration" applies ...

Thanks, Adam! Definitely helpful.

Another consideration on this is that the server UUID would be replicated, so "clones" using this template would need additional adjustment or could never be part of the same environment because of UUID conflicts.

(Been there multiplle times...)

-- Erik

Good point, can we just remove it right before taking backup/template and hope to have it generated when new cluster will be created.