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Primary and Secondary CAS Architecture

Primary and Secondary CAS Architecture



Will you please explain the Primary and Secondary CAS Architecture (any related doc)

We like to know, can we have the Secondary CAS in Different Data center and Primary CAS in other data centers and get all the data in the single DashBoard? What is time interval which Secondary CAS Sent to Primary CAS and what the requirements? 

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Do you want a setup for high available or extra capacity or both?

If for HA, each CAS processes the same data at the same time, having them in different data centers is OK.

If for extra capacity each CAS processes a part of the data, again at the same time.  The primary then aggregates the data when reports are run.  While there's no reason you couldn't have each CAS in a separate data centre, any significant extra latency/lower bandwidth between them may mean one CAS has an extra delay to get it's data to process.




Hello Christopher,

in DCRUM <12.3 there was an option to have a primary-secondary configuration like secondary CAS is processing the services 1 and 2 and primary CAS is processing data for 3 and 4 but all reporting is done via the primary CAS therefore the primary CAS get's the data from all other CAS as well.

Is this configuration possible in DCRUM 12.3 too? I think it should be something like "extra capacity". But the services may be captured in different datacenters.

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we are having a hybrid customer model,in that we are planing to keep secondary cas in each one of the customer data center and primary cas in our Datacenter which connects to ITSM tools..

Please suggest me how we have this model ??