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Processing delay increased after upgrading to 12.4


Prior to upgrading to 12.4, our processing delay was about 2 minutes after the end of the period. Now the delay is averaging 15 minutes. Our CAS is currently on and the AMD is on Any thoughts on what my account for this change.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

What exactly did you upgrade to 12.4.x?

Normally the CAS should be the same version as the AMD. You show a 12.4.2 CAS with a 12.4.7 AMD. That could be the issue. The CAS server log files may show why it is delaying processing.

When upgrading you should upgrade in this order: CSS, RUM Console, CAS, ADS, AMD. If other tools (AppMon, ESM etc) their versions should be taken into account as well.


I originally upgraded everything to 12.4.2 in the order you listed, but as support tried to fix the issues I was having with WanOpt and ICA over SSL, they had me apply a series of patches to the AMDs, eventually getting to As we did this, they said it was not necessary to upgrade the CAS/ADS. If the school of thought on the processing delay is likely the version mismatch, then I'm willing to give that a try, I just wanted to see if there could be another cause.

That is why I said "Normally". I have been instructed to upgrade the AMD before where the CAS did not need to be. I think there are quite a few changes between 12.4.2 and 12.4.7 where a CAS upgrade may help you out.

If data files are missing, causing a delay, it should be in the CAS Server log. Does that show any entries that say something to the effect that it is waiting for samples to become ready?

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

a stable 10-15 minute delay at all times usually indicates the CAS is waiting for a data source that is not responding. A semi-common instance that causes this is the CAS trying to collect NFC data from an AMD that has NFC disabled.

-- Erik

In the Process Health section of the RUM Console both AMDs have a "green" indicator for NFC. Can I assume NFC data collection is working correctly?