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Provide filter param to SMTPReportCommand


I am exploring to use SMTPReportCommand to schedule daily/weekly report to a group of users. However, as I need to pass a few filter params such as link alias, group and etc, to generate the correct report.

Hence, any example whether this can be achieve ?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Since the SMTPCommand uses the LSServlet URL as the first parameter, you can try appending &FILTER_*internaldimensioname*=*filtervalue* to the URL of the command that you are using. For example, the following url has the Application filter (bgAppl is the internal name for Application) set to My Application


Note that the FILTER part has to be all-caps, and that any special characters need to be URL-encoded. You can try the URL out in a browser first, to see if the filters apply correctly. To get the internal dimension name, export a section's data containing the dimension you want to filter - the human-readable dimension name and internal dimension name are both included as header rows.

Thanks, I'll explore. How about filter param at different section ?