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Public pages in Enterprise Portal

Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Hi guys,

Just wanted to share how to create public pages in Enterprise Portal 12:

1. Create a Public page (Logged in as admin user, Go to Control Panel > Pages). The newly added

page will now be accessible from the main menu under "My Pages". You can now edit this page just like

any other page while logged on as admin user. If you want to see how the page will look when not logged

in, remember the url for your page, log out of the portal, then go to the url for your public page. When a

non-authenticated user is viewing the page there will be no menu. (Example below shows a public page

with a Liferay generic portlet.)

2. Add Content - You can add any content (3rd party, DMI based portlets, BSM based portlets) but

depending on the type of content you may need to make some other changes (see next steps)

3. Configure BSM Data Access - in order to view BSM data without logging in:

a. Go to the file system where the product is installed and find


b. Edit the file and find the following parameter. Set this to "false". Note that when you do this,

none ofthe BSM data calls will be authenticated (even when a user is logged in!)

<!-- Enable/Disable VSM data call authentication; defaults to true if it isnot specified


c. Restart the "Compuware Enterprise Portal" service to apply this change

4. Configure DMI Data Access - in order to use the DMI Table or Chart portlets (or other DMI based

portlets) on this public page:

a. Create a special user with guest only access within CSS

b. Go to the file system where the product is installed and


c. Edit the file and find the following code.

#Guest user to access the public pages

#guest user




d. Set "cpwr.guest.user.password.encrypted" to false

e. Change the "cpwr.guest.username" to the special user you just created

f. Set "cpwr.guest.user.password" to the clear text password for that user (it will be encypted by the

system when it restarts)

g. Restart the "Compuware Enterprise Portal" service to apply this change

NOTE: For DMI data access to work, you need at least 12.0 SP1 (APMOEPM-555)



Jari -

I would like to say thanks for this guide. It worked perfectly!

The only thing that was different for me was that I had to manually add in the "cpwr.guest.username=guestuser" parameter.


Joel B


Thanks a lot, Jari

Unfirtunatelly, for me it appears to be working only at void protlets. Once I add any content on there it still allows to show the page, but none of content is working. At log files I could notice error messages related to authentication issues (don't remember what exactly it was). In the result I had to revert the change to disable editing under guest account.

It's a great pity. This feature could make a tool much more useful. Senior management accept innovation better if it is esay to launch and they don't have to remember those passwords.

Hopefully, this will be officially included in later releases of EP.



I had it working for EP 12.2 but just updated to EP 12.2.3 and it seems not to work anymore like this.

What I figured out so far is:

  • I adjusted the file and put encrypted to "false" and put in the clear text format: it seems that the newest version is differently encrypting (the resulting hash parameter is different than in the version before)
  • When accessing my public page while logged in, it is working perfectly fine. When logging out and trying to access the public page which includes a DMI portlet I get: "DMI Table is temporarily unavailable"

Hopefully someone got an idea (smile)

Best regards,

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

There was a patch provided for the release 12.2.3 see ticket SUPDCRUM-6291.

I am having the issue no as well with the 12.2.2 version. When I know the solution will let you know.

Kind regards,


Right, I should have updated that post here to inform everyone (smile)

There is no patch for the EP 12.2.2 version. Support will advice to upgrade your EP to 12.2.3. After that you can apply the patch mentioned in previous ticket.

I had to do another action though. The user with which the EP logs into CAS needed more priviliges. Guest was not sufficient. Therefore I had to add it to the User role.

Kind regards,