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Query on Number of users logged on to CAS server on daily basis


Hi ..i am trying to identify the No of users logged on to CAS
server on daily basis. For this I tried to create DMI report but I am able find
dimensions/metrics for it.

is there any way to check daily login user on CAS by
creating DMI report? kindly help me on

i know there is an option to pull data from Central security
server(auditing) but i am looking for DMI report. So i can schedule it on daily

Thank You.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Ajith,

You can define a software service to monitor your CAS (CAS Server IP as the IP and port can be either 80 or 443 (unless you changed it)).

That will give you the number the number of unique users logged into the CAS daily. You can then schedule a daily report for that.



Won't the software service option only work if the CAS traffic goes through your tapping? I have seen this recommendation before, but I discounted it as my CAS's do not feed through the TAPS I have in place.



Yes, good point. I made the assumption that the traffic to the CAS is being fed to the AMD. If it is not, then my suggested solution will not work.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Poor alternative to Harshal's solution would be modifying CAS -> Tools -> Diagnostics -> Web Server log and removing everything except User and Hits to get unique user names and total number of hits that could be an estimate of user's activity level. Session hascode dimension could give you list (not number) of unique user's session.

Of course you should exclude system users like "-" or "jfw_sec_systemuser" ...

Thank You. As per suggestion, I have tested this report and
its showing data for user login details and hits count but i don’t want to modify the standard dashboard.

I noticed that its taking Data view as “Web
Server Log” but I couldn’t able to see “Web Server Log” data view and related
dimensions for new DMI report(Tool-> DMI- >New Report). PFA of screenshot.
Do we need to enable any rules or setting to see “Web Server Log” data view for
new DMI report?

DCRUM version :12.4newdmireport-webserverdataviewnotavailable.pngwebserverlog-dataview.png

Hi Ajith,

Even if you don't want to modify the standard dashboard you can make modifications to the standard one and then save your modified report with a different name. That way you keep the original in its state and get the results separately you are looking for.


Hey guys,

I've attached some screenshots for setting up a report to help show the data view, dimensions, metrics, and end result.

Let me know if this is what you are looking for. This was done in 12.3.x environment but I think the filters should remain consistent in 12.4.x.





Forgot to add you could just adjust the time range for what you needed and could schedule the report accordingly. I normally do a 7 days report to see week over week how our adoption rate is doing as we train more and more people to use the system.

Hi Matt,
Yes , i am looking for the same.
Currently i am using DCRUM v12.4.6.x but “Web Server Log” data view is not enable for new DMI report.