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Ques on Supported Browsers in DC RUM for 12.2.x



We saw in the DCRUM Supported Browsers information stated dcrum 12.2.x officially support IE is 8,9,10. If we planning to upgrade dcrum to latest 12.4.5, its support IE is 10 & 11.

In this situation, we need to upgrade IE first, as we are still on IE8.

We hoping to upgrade directly to IE11 before our dcrum upgrade, since all version below IE11 is eol already. So can cas & ads from dcrum 12.2.x still work fine on IE11?

Best wishes, Yee Heng


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

At the time of the 12.2 release, IE 11 was not there yet, that's why it's not officially supported. You should still able to use the 12.2. CAS and ADS in IE11, but some minor problems in the page rendering may be visible, however not to the extent which would stop you from using them. The access will not be blocked, as is the case for the 12.4.5 CAS and ADS with discontinued browsers.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

We're running 12.2.3 at the moment, and have IE 11 on our admin workstations. For regular users running DMI reports, the CAS works fine. The two screens you may have trouble with are the Business Units configuration and the Sites configuration. The Sites configuration is a Java applet, and we had to add exceptions in the Java Control Panel to get it to work (thankfully Java is not needed in later versions). The Business Units screen sometimes has trouble rendering, and you may have to reload it a couple of times for it to work.

Hey Luke,

As a side note - the best way I've found to handle the Business Units screen is to navigate to it, press the browser back button, and then the browser forward button. That seemed to resolve the issue for me (but I'd have to do it each time)


Hey Brett,

I gave your idea a go, but it seems to be no more successful than some of the other methods I've tried in the past 😞 I've tried refreshing, clearing the cache and changing IE Compatibility Mode on and off.

Thankfully, changing Business Units isn't a common task for us.


Thanks for sharing the info, will take note of the minor rendering downside.