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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Questions dealing with .MDMP file

Hello Community, hope your are doing well !

I am looking which files could be erased on my CAS Web because it is startng to miss disk space.

I have found a few files with .MDMP extension (5 exactly) in the /VAS/jre/bin directory of my CAS WEB ... very old, dated from 2014, and for a total disk space of 65Go !!!!!!!!!!!!

I asked GOOGLE but nothing very clear about that kind of file.

It sounds like something dealing with MemoryDuMP ... isn't it ?

Please let me know, dear Community, because, if i am right, i have found a good solution to retrieve disk space ... :=).

Thanks in advance

Best Regards.




Hi Philippe.

You are right, .MDMP files are memory dumps created by Java when the server crashes or restarts. I can't tell you if you are ok to delete them or not...

Gail Shaw says that if these files are old and the problem hasn't been a recurring one, then you can safely delete them.

More importantly I think disabling them in the future is something you should look at.

If you'd like to generate a log file from those mdmp files, maybe this will help:



Ps. The general consensus I saw by asking google was that these files are huge and people want to delete them... So I don't think you are alone in this situation.

Hi Alejandro,

Great response with a lot of very interesting links.

Thanks a lot.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

If you are concerned I would open up a ticket to support and they can easily give you a definitive yes or no, on if you can delete them.

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for your advice.

I would have follow it if these MDPM files were recent.

But fortunately they are far in the past so i am going to delete them.