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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Reasons for visiting the Community

Community Team
Community Team

Hi All,

Improving the user experience and self-service within the DC RUM
Community as well as producing content that is valuable for you is an
ongoing process. And this is why I wanted to ask you:

What are the main reasons for visiting the DC RUM Community?

- What do you find useful?

- What is the most important for you?

- What needs to be improved?

- Is the information you need easy to find?

- Do you visit the Community to solve your problems, learn more about DC RUM, exchange experience with others, help others?

Feel free to post your answers here or email me directly:



Keep calm and build Community!


Hello Karolina,

I will take the first post.

I often come to the DC RUM Community to share my knowledge and to get help and knowledge from other customers or Dynatrace Consultants.

It is helpful to have a look at the community when it comes to situation where I'm facing new problems or when I need to do configurations that I have never done before.

For me there it will be helpful if there is information about upcoming releases for example. Like if the product management asks "we are thinking about xyz. Will this be helpful in your environment?". I notice something like this in Dynatrace Application Monitoring in case of the webdashboards in 6.2.

Another helpful think might be to rate some posts/answers as very helpful. This might be a good for new users to have a look at specific topics and it might be a good base for a FAQ.



Hi @Karolina Linda,

I find it very useful to learn what is not "written on the docs" and I find it really important and valuable to improve our skills as consultants, in the way it could make our life "easier" (sometimes).

To be honest often the information that we need is not easy to be found, but the research it's worth the effort.

I'd like to suggest an improvement, like a special section dedicated to the "common scenarios", not Known Issues, something that goes beyond like articles, guides, howto,recommendations for the most common scenarios that us in charge of consultants could face more often.

I agree with @Friederike Thun about the "very helpful" rating on posts, could be a good enhancement.

Anyway I want to thank you for your effort in constantly improving the community.

Kind regards,



Hello @Karolina Linda,

What I find most helpful about the question is the many things that you can learn in a day from the comments left. In my case, it represents a place of knowledge sharing wherein we can talk about features that are not written in the docs, as @Raffaele Talarico has stated.

Thanks for your effort on improving the community.

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for your suggestions.

Any other thoughts, needs, ideas? 🙂

Keep calm and build Community!

Community Team
Community Team

@Raffaele Talarico,

We're working on a new knowledge base that will include articles addressing common problems, usage scenarios, and feature details that will be described from a broader perspective.

For example, there will be updated checklists of possible solutions to the "Server cache limit has been exceeded" or "No operations/URLs reported" problems.

@Friederike Thun,

If it comes to new releases, I think participating in EAP and Beta programs is the best way to get your feedback on what is really helpful, what is not, and what should be improved. Starting from 12.4, DC RUM customers can sign up for beta tests via Community 🙂

Turning the mostly viewed/helpful posts into FAQ is a very good idea!

Thank you once again!


Keep calm and build Community!