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Recently we had an application drop from our DCRUM Dashboard. Can anyone tell me a good way to alert when apps drop off the dashboard?



There is an alert - "abscence of traffic" or something along those lines - perhaps that can help?

Thanks for the quick response Ulf. . .looking within 'predefined' alerts. nothing there like that. Looking into possible options via the Performance Metrics listed within the Tiermetric_Alm alerts


I have no CAS at hand right now but I Think it was something that was disabled from the start and then you had to check that box. Once you got into the alert (edit) you had the chance to pick the "Monitored Metric" or "Dimension" or something along those lines.It's one of the TIERMETRIC alarms at least.

May be on to something ... within tiermetric alarm . . .there is a 'Treat no data as zero' option that is un-selected by default. Checking it .. .would cause NO data to be seen as zero -- which I would assume would update Application Health Index - -ultimately updating that value to zero. If true, then could alert when application health index equals zero. ALOT of IFs in my logic 😉 . . .. will try this out. Thanks for the guidance. Hopefully this works.