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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

RedHat JBoss Fuse

We've an application for one of our customers that's utilising Fuse as the SSB in the middle, and we're looking in to the best way of monitoing the MQ activity.

Does DCRUM have capability in this area with regard to JBoss Fuse?




Hi Morgan

I'm not clear with your abbreviation SSB (Social Security Board (smile) ?) but for the MQ question DCRUM would most certainly be fine.

In general you sholdn't satre your self blind at what runs ON the box, rather what comes out/in from the box as DCRUM is host agnostic. Over the years I've managed to monitor arcan hosts lixe Irix and OS/2 and what not. It all boils down to what travels on the wire.

If you don't have the capabilities yourself I can help to assess your app in DCRUM if you can share a trace file from the application. It doesn't have to be from the host but it works OK even with a client trace. If it's nothing you want to post here publicly I can set up a drop box on the FTP server.

haha! Sorry - late on Friday so I just copied what they said, they probably meant ESB. (Shared Service Bus)

Sadly it's another customer for which I cannot extract trace files for due to sensitivity; but I think your response covers what i'm after; in general my query related to whether Fuse tampers with the basis for the MQ conversation to make it so that DCRUM is not able to decode with the standard MQ analyzer..





Well, I'd guess that if they want to call the messages MQ then they have to comply with the definition so you'd be fine with DCRUM. What they do internally in FUSE won't be anything that DCRUM cares about, unless you want to capture what comes out at the other end of FUSE.

Good luck!