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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

RedHat Linux future patch/version support



One of my clients had the following question:

We'll also need guidance from Compuware regarding how to handle subsequent minor releases (updates) beyond RHEL 6.5. Should we ask Compuware to notify us in writing after they've tested new RHEL 6.X minor releases with their software and they will support the new updates?  

My questions is:

How quickly do we certify support for new RHEL releases?

 Is this communicated to the customer?  If so, how?

The most up-to-date information about currently supported versions of the RHEL Linux, Windows OS & SQL Server support are published on this page:

OS and SQL supported versions in DCRUM

It also contains heads up about adding support for never versions of RHEL or Windows in the upcoming new DCRUM releases.

In order to receive notification about updates in that page, simply press "Watch" button to enable email notifications about updates in the future.

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Hi Thanos,

Supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases are documented in the AMD General Requirements

This page will be updated when the supported versions are changed. There is no documented timeframe as to which we will add support for a new release

It is possible for the customer to add a watch to this page (via the tools dropdown) to be notified of any changes




Thanks Gavin!