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Reg-X Question


In DC RUM, I'm trying to write a reg-x that will remove a portion of the middle of a URL.  The Reg-x is matching, however the entire URL is being reported to the CAS.

Here is the reg-x: ([^\*]*.(/favicon.ico)

Here is the URL:!ut/p/digest!c140c8qa4mh6pkz8lttjcq/res/.riskinte...


I expect the portion in between the sets of parentheses to be drop or not reported to the CAS. What's wrong with my reg-x 



Good to talk to you again, Bob!  I think we've worked together in the past a bit.  We had the same issue with trying to exclude the dynamic session variable here, but I'm having trouble finding the exact software service we were having trouble with - I found a similar one though: 


So based on what works here, try:

(*(favicon.ico) -

I remember spending hours on it, and it turned out that it just didn't like the slash to be on the other side.


Bob, Josh - actually both regular expressions should work in this case.

Have you checked them using "Extended regular expression test" tool from RUM Console? See results for those regular expressions below:


Does the problem only occurs for resources like favicon.ico? A potential explanation here could be that since favicons' content-type is not on the "active-content-type" list. Can you disable content-type checking for this URL and see if that helps? 



You might be right - I know in our case, having the slash in the second return value wouldn't return values correctly, even though the checker showed that it would work.  There seems to be a disconnect between the Regex verification tool and the way regex actually gets processed on the AMD.