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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Relative Time Resets to +18 Hours



Saving a simple report in DCRUM CAS using the relative time range, for example: Beginning at 00:00, 1 day ago with range of 24 hours. After the report is sent to a customer, customer has problem viewing accurate data because DCRUM has a defect (I am not sure, since I cannot see it on known problems), which is that the relative time range is updated and changes into: Beginning at 18:00, 1 day ago with range of 24 hours. Hence, inadequate data.

This problem usually take place when saving a report with relative time range and not on other preset/provided time ranges. Surprisingly we have been able to work around the issue by re-saving the report selecting the relative time range again. This update is now permanent and doesn't change automatically.

My question here is, is this a defect of DCRUM itself as it doesn't save the relative time provided? Or, is it because something we might have messed up setting up the time?

If this is a known issue, can Dynatrace take steps to solve this?

Any suggestion is much appreciated.



Shrawin - what version are you on?

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

In versions <= 12.4 .* relative time ranges during save are transformed to universal form (GMT) i.e. 00:00 is saved in GMT and during load is again transformed to client time zone. It looks like both systems have different time zones and the difference is 6 hours. I know it have no sense. So, during rewriting time ranges in 17.0 time ranges are saved as they are defined. Here is new UI:

You can define much more using the new interface.

During upgrade old relative time range will be transform to new relative (see picture). Rounded to will be set to Day, shift by days to appropriate value and hours equals to hh minutes to mm where (hh:mm is the time you entered in UI of previous version).

For example your settings 00:00 1 day ago is. Rounded to day shifted by -1 day 0 hours 0 minutes.