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Remote AMD to CAS network connection - Guidelines on How much bandwidth is consumed?

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Assume the AMD and Report Server (CAS + ADS) are not in same Data Centre and are in different Data Centres due to various reasons.

The 2 DC's are connected by a private network where required ports can be opened in the firewall. Are there any sizing guidelines on how much bandwidth will be consumed by the AMD to talk to the Report Server (having CAS and ADS)?

I am looking for a specific number like below examples:
1. The WAN link will need 2 mbits per sec (avg) for AMD in Enterprise Mode monitoring 500 mbps of traffic
2. The WAN link will need 4 mbits per sec (avg) for AMD in HTTP Mode monitoring 500 mbps of traffic

It would be nice to get Link utilization for a few traffic profiles and volume of traffic monitored by the AMD.

I searched the Admin and Sizing guide but couldnt find the information (or was not found in a couple of searches).

My prospect is asking for this information.




Hi Praveen

Interesting question but a bit hard to answer.

The resaon is due to a number of reasons (as always). First one is why the ADS and CAS is separated in 2 different DC´s but more important is where they have their SQL?

Secondly it would depend on the number of users, locations, servers (for the applications) as well as operations, which might give you the average filesize.

If you flip that around a bit, it really ends up in how large the data files coming from the AMD are, and how long time it will take to transfer them to the CAS&ADS, Read here if you have high latency or here if the datacenters are close and you want to ignore the latency.

Your challenge will still be to figure out how large the files will be. Don't forget that you can't take to long time transferring the file since the CAS&ADS needs time to process the data within the same interval, before requesting another set of data.

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Does this link help?

Internal Traffic Levels for Report Servers





Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Thanks. Both responses are helpful. For some reason I couldnt locate this in the pdf docs. I will request support to include them as part of the Sizing Guide. 



Hi Gents,

I have a similar question too, we need calc the bandwidth for QoS control. The doc says maximum 130MB, and 20MB after compression.....

What if in production env and we already have zdata file? Can we calculate a more reliable value?

Any ideas are welcome. Thanks.