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Removing trailing idle time from the trace


@Shakti Sareen needs help cleaning the trace from idle time before running reliable predictions with DNA Response Time Predictor:

How to identify and delete trailing packets from the trace by going into
packet capture section. Because thread analysis showing time after
removing the trailing ideal time. so for prediction I would like to make
trace trimmed and then to do prediction.

also from trace of 8.8 seconds trace almost 7 .5 seconds contributing trailing time. it's almost 90%.



DNA applies additional algorithms to automatically get rid of leading/trailing idle time at trace import, but if it involves removing actual packets from the trace, the decision is left for user to make.

The steps to removing trailing idle time manually are as follows:

1) Open Task Cleanup Guide for the trace, go to _Packets and Idle time_ step

In the Packet Trace view, navigate down and select all TCP ACK,
KeepAlive, RetransmittedFrames packets, then R-click them and choose
Edit > Delete Selected Frames

3) Click _Show Bounce DIagram_, then
R-click it and choose Edit > Delete Time Period... and confirm (two
options should be selected mentioning idle time)

4) Open CNS Breakdown to confirm the task duration is as expected and there is no mention of trailing idle time

Hope this helps.