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Rename usernames

Hi all!

Does DCRUM have possibility to rename usernames?

Let me explain. I set username recognition rule. But only one metric i can use, which looks like user ID "6468633". Customer provided match table in Excel format ("6468633" = "User Name"). can i somehow to rename usernames, or add alias to username


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

There is no simple and easy way to rename user names. A workaround may be possible: use client group dimension and populate it using the map file you’ve got. Client group dimension is available in DMI, so there will be a way to show it alongside the numerical user name. But no standard reports use it, so you will have to tweak reports or create new ones to look the client group values.

Check CAS > Admin Console > Advanced properties editor > filter by “map” > see "Client name to Client group map file” property, and related properties, and experiment with it a bit. It’s not a feature that\’s used very often.

This is a good idea. thank you for answer


I am also interested in this user name translation. We will check it asap and let you know results.


@Kris Z., thank you for the solution, it works perfectly.

A couple of questions, though:

1) should we restart server every time when mappings file has been updated, or will it update mappings on-the-fly? If not on-the-fly, is there some command with which we could force it to update instead of restarting server (and disrupting normal access and operator's working process)?

2) Does it accept group names with spaces and/or "special" characters like period and undescore?

1) There are two things to consider here. One is an advanced property that points to a mapping file name


with description:

By default, this file is not included in the installation and should be
created by the administrator. The format of record is:
client_name=client_group. Group names are available in DMI [Restart is

Changing this setting must be followed by a restart.

The second aspect are the changes in the file content. CAS traces that changes and automatically reloads the mapping if any change is detected. The changes are detected every time a sample is processed.

2) Yes, it does. You can't use '=' though as it is a separator between client name and client group.