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Report " Operations View " and dimension " Histogram (Operation time) "


It is my first question here , so i hope it will not be a stupid question eheh 🙂
in the "Operation View" Report on CAS i find a strange dimension called

Histogram (Operation time)

in the list , there is not operation time because it is a metric .. how it is possible ? and how i can recreate that dimension ? is because this is a OOB report?

thanks in advance ,




DMI, the reporting engine in DC RUM, enables to generate histograms, i.e., distribution of data among buckets for given ranges of selected metric. It's like turning a metric into a dimension.

To access histograms you click on the 4th mini icon next to filter box. In 2017 release we make it a separate section like metrics or dimensions.

Until 2017 release histograms are not available in all user aggregation modes. Now if you create a report with histograms based on data with aggregated servers or clients there will be a warning message provided.

It's a very good question. I will go into details in the upcoming DMI webinar.


Hello Sebastian , thanks for your reply , when i saw this feature my first thought was " wait ... a metric used as a dimensions? wow " so .. i hope i can participate to your web binary.

Thank you ,
Marco .