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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Report showing the last time a DMI report was run.


I would like to run a report showing the last time each DMI report was run, is this possible? I have hundreds of reports, many I assume were one-and-done reports. I'm in serious need of cleaning up my reports.



start your investigation from OOB 'DMI report performance' report.

Hi Barbara,

I looked at that report, which tells me if the report was run during the time time period of the report. It looks like I have data for the last 28 days. So I would have to merge that information with a list of all the reports to find out which reports have not been run in the last 28 days. I was hoping I could find out which reports have not been run in the last 9-12 months and target them for deletion. Thanks for the thought. Besides until Dynatrace adds a multiple report delete function, I may not want to even go down this path.