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Restoring older CAS and ADS data to a newer version


Hello Team,

We are going to restore the CAS and ADS
data from last year (Jan-april 2017). Here are some of the questions
for which we need your expert advice.

  • 1)Do you think restoring old version (say 12.2 or
    12.4) ADC and CAS data will succeed on newer version (say 2017) ? Any
    compatibility matrix to refer to show how much upward/backward compatible
    the data is?
  • 2)Once the Data is restored .Is there a query to
    find out to which version the data belongs to? We are asking this because at
    the moment we are not sure the backup copy which DB guys have is from what
    version of CAS and ADC.
  • 3)After restoration of data is there any config
    change which needs to be made for the data to be accessible for reporting.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Vandana, are you talking about restoring an old database? or replaying old zdata files?

Assuming you mean the database, the database version is stored in the configuration table, so you can examine that with SQL Management Studio before running up the CAS/ADS software.

The CAS/ADS can upgrade the database schema several versions are supported* - it is what happens during the upgrade process, the CAS is temporarily started to upgrade the schema by the installer process.

* check the upgrade path documentation, it will give an indication what versions can be upgraded directly, and which versions need multiple steps.

Hello Chris,

Thanks for replying, May I know what is the name for configuration table which I need to query to find out the version? Support gave me below query but seems table is not found.

Select * from DBHistory

Also is there a way to find below info from restored CAS server DBs:-

-find out software services running inside the DCRUM

-to check all reports configured with name "IRAS" or my be query to check all reports will also do.

Basically I am trying to identify the content of the DB before I install the APP again and link it to the DB.

Sorry for the delay in replying again, I missed the response.

If you're querying the database from SQL directly, you need to be in the 'delta' schema, most easily accomplished by adding delta. to the front of any table names.

e.g. to get a list of reports from the database...
`SELECT * FROM delta.LSEntry WHERE name LIKE '%IRAS%'`

To get a list of 'seen' software services (traffic recorded as opposed to just configured, you'd need to check the RUMC database for that), try.

`SELECT * FROM delta.rtmApplications`

The current version of the database will be the last line of this query....

`SELECT * FROM delta.DBHistory`