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Retention period for dcrum


What would be the retention period for DCRUM data and also the aggregation calculations?



Hell Kavya,

You can review your retention periods from http://[DCRUM]/DiagConsole#/sp . DC RUM stores different types of data for different durations:

  • AMD - Data from the AMDs (i.e. general monitoring data)
  • Synthetic Backbone & Last Mile
  • Synthetic
  • RUM Browser - AppMon Integration data

So, AMD OOB is:

  • 10 days of 5 minute data
  • 31 days of 1 day data
  • 12 months of monthly data

Hope this helps!



ADS data retention period have different retention period?

I login to ADS admin console, there a storage period configuration. A different period of 7 days as compare to CAS admin console storage period configuration.



If ADS data needs to be longer than the default 7 days, edit storage period or also need to edit system properties "DMI_CACHE_STORAGE_TIME"?

Thanks & Best wishes,

LUA Yee Heng

Yee Heng,

Yes, this is because ADS data (per hits) are different from CAS data (aggregation), so there is no roll-up in the database; that being said, extending the ADS storage period could drastically increase the DB size. You may change the period by simply just changing the ItiPageData property.

Hi Chris,

Long time no see!

  1. No roll-up in database?
  2. So we just modify value in "ItiPageData.EMPTY_COUNT" and "ItiPageDataAggr.EMPTY_COUNT", do we keep the value same for these 2 property, e.g. change both to 10 if we need 10 days data?
  3. What about the other 2 properties, "ItiPage2Trans.EMPTY_COUNT" & "ItiTransData.EMPTY_COUNT".

Will take note on the increase in DB size.

Thanks & Best wishes,

Yee Heng

Yeah, it has been awhile. 😃

1. Yes, it's just the way how ADS works - single-record granularity for operations, so it doesn't make sense to roll it up. CAS is already doing a good job in that department.

2. Just to be safe, you may change all the values under ADS data to the same value. In the previous version ADS and CAS will take the lower value from the configuration, I think this behavior is still there.

3. That's for sequence transactions... So I think if you're not using it, it's okay to leave it as it is.

Thanks, we have better understanding now.



Just change the storage period you desired from the storage period configuration.

You don't need to change cache.



Hi Babar,

Thanks for answering. Will focus on storage period configuration.

Best wishes,

Yee Heng