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Riverbed Support Question


In my environment I have 3 AMDs in a single DC being feed by a Gigamon appliance.   Each AMD is connected to the Gigamon via a single 10GB cable.  I have the same traffic going to all 3 AMDs but I have my production software services distributed over the 3 AMDs.  I'm installing WAN taps for Riverbed optimized traffic.  Do I need to send the Riverbed traffic to all 3 AMDs or can I use a single AMD to process RB traffic for a SWS.  



Hi Bob

I'm guessing you have the traffic over the 3 AMD's because of load balancing - right?

If you want to see how well the RB's perform, you need to get the data that is optimized as well - then the AMD's can perform the performance calculation for the optimization. I suggest you read through the PDF and figure out which one of the scenarios that apply to your situatiuon, but basically you need the whole traffic and then you need the traffic leaving the optimizer (usually not the first RB device). Sometimes this is done by a physical cable, sometimes it's a VLAN.