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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Rum Console: verify quality of monitored traffic gone?


Our team is always on the look for new traffic on the AMD that can be assigned to existing software services

They used to do this by using the 'verify quality of monitored traffic' page in the old RUM Console...

There you can search by IP/Port/Packets per sec/.... which was very useful!

In the new RUM Console this option/page is gone, without finding any alternatives..
Does anyone have an idea where we can find these functions in the new version?

Thanks in advance!


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

There's a helpful article in the DCRUM Migration Center titled How to discover and create a software service in DC RUM 12.4 vs. 12.3

In short, the workflow for identifying traffic that isn't part of an existing user-defined software service has been moved to the CAS, and takes advantage of the auto-discovered software service functionality (which is turned on by default on a new AMD). Using this new workflow, traffic is captured all the time and you don't have to manually capture traffic samples to find out what traffic is present on your network.


In addition there are new diagnostic functionalities which give you a
hint how the data quality is. This is data is generated the whole time
and not only when a trace is scheduled.

You can find these reports in 12.4 CAS under Tools -> Diagnostics -> Traffic diagnostics

Hi Luke, Friederike,

Where do I check whether the captured trace is matching the added key on AMD DCRUM 2017? The symbol of key was shown for the trace captured under section SSL Diagnostics of "Verify Quality of monitored traffic" in DCRUM 12.3.